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How to Link your SimBrief Account Horizon 787 MSFS2020

Boeing 787 Horizon Mod MSFS2020 Tutorial
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A simple guide to show you how to link your SimBrief Account with the Horizon 787 mod for MSFS2020. Linking the account enables you to generate SimBrief flight plans and import them directly into the sim saving a lot of time setting up.

SimBrief Website

Go to the SimBrief Website and login. On the left hand side of the page, click on Account Settings.

Account Settings
Look for your Account Alias it should be on the right hand side at the top. Make a not of it.

In the Sim

Load up the sim and go to the CDU, we will enter the Simbrief username in here. Pres INIT REF then INDEX. You should see the option for settings, press the button next to it.

Press NEXT PAGE to advance to page 2 and you should see the SIMBRIEF SETTINGS page.
Use the keypad to enter the username (SimBrief Account Alias) which we copied from the SimBrief website.
Press the button next to the empty username field. It will take a couple of seconds to verify and the status will change to ACTIVE.
That’s all that needs to be done, when you press the request button the sim will automatically fetch your latest generated flight plan direct from SimBrief.


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