MFS2020 How to Refuel The Aircraft During Bush Trips

If like me, you have been enjoying the multi-stage bush trips in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, you may have come across a problem with low fuel. If you haven’t then at some point you will.

Here is a quick guide to setting the refuel option as an easy key bind.

Quick List to bind the REFUEL Command

  • Go to Options > Controls
  • Select Keyboard
  • Change the Filter to ‘ALL’
  • Search for ‘Fuel’
  • Make a new key-bind for ‘Repair and Refuel’
  • Save and Apply
  • Use the key-bind in-game

I didn’t need fuel until stage 6 or 7 on my bush trip through the Balkans. Until this point, I was assuming (wrongly) that the fuel was automatically refilled after each stage.

I had a look through the options and the only Fuel related key-bind I could find was ‘REQUEST FUEL’

So, I parked up at Dubrovnik airport and tried it. A few minutes later a fuel truck appeared, it then drove past me and headed off up the runway…

Looking through the options I noticed the default filter is set to ‘Assigned’, selecting ‘ALL‘ brings up additional key options.

One of these is ‘REPAIR AND REFUEL’

After I created a bind for that I loaded up my Dubrovnik save and tried it out. Lo-and-behold, it filled the tank. It may remove some immersion from the sim but, if you are having difficulties part-way through a bush trip and have no way to refuel, then it may be your only option.

The REFUEL AND REPAIR option works in flight and on terra firma.