Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 Garmin G1000 Track Up / North Up

The G1000 map orientation defaults to North Up. You can check the current orientation at the top right of the MFD screen.
The orientation can be changed in the MFD menu.

Follow these steps to change:

mfd map orientation1
  1. On the MFD, click the Menu button.
mfd map orientation2
  1. On the Map Options screen, click the ENT button.
mfd map orientation3
  1. On the Orientation screen, click the ENT button.
mfd map orientation4
  1. Use the FMS Knob to select the desired option for example, Track UP.
mfd map orientation5
  1. Click ENT to save your selection.
mfd map orientation6
  1. Click ENT twice to leave the menu and go back to the MFD map display. Your chosen orientation settings should now be saved.