How To Assign Honeycomb Bravo Buttons To The FBW A320 In MSFS2020

The Bravo Throttle from Honeycomb is an amazing tool for MSFS2020, but I always felt a little frustrated with the lack of button customization options in the sim, especially when it came to the A320. GA flying with the bravo has been great, most of the button options can be assigned directly within the sim. However, I also enjoy flying airliners and I want to use the unassigned buttons on the Bravo Throttle to remove the need for mouse clicks when making common changes during a flight. Mainly, Selected / Managed Heading mode, Vertical Speed mode, and Selected / Managed Read More

Making a flight plan with Pilot2ATC

Pliot2ATC is a companion program that connects to MSFS2020 (and other sims) providing a more realistic and immersive Air Traffic Control (ATC). The in-game ATC is universally known to be awful and I came across Pilot2ATC while looking for alternatives. It is available as a 10 day trial from The author encourages using the trial period to get familiar with the software before you buy the full version, which will set you back $59.95 US. Back to the reason for this article and that is making the flight plan with Pilot2ATC and importing it into MSFS2020. The software can Read More

MSFS2020 ILS Landings Guide – Garmin 1000

If you have been trying to perform an ILS landing using an aircraft equipped with the Garmin 1000 on Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 then there is a good chance that it hasn’t been working. Fortunately, I have a solution. Follow my guide below and you should be happily landing using the ILS system. Create The Flight Plan Step 1 is to create the flight plan in the World Map. In the example I used for this guide, I select LSMP as the departure and LSGG as the arrival. The flight plan will default to Direct-GPS, please change this to Low-altitude Read More

Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 Garmin G1000 Track Up / North Up

The G1000 map orientation defaults to North Up. You can check the current orientation at the top right of the MFD screen.The orientation can be changed in the MFD menu. Follow these steps to change: On the MFD, click the Menu button. On the Map Options screen, click the ENT button. On the Orientation screen, click the ENT button. Use the FMS Knob to select the desired option for example, Track UP. Click ENT to save your selection. Click ENT twice to leave the menu and go back to the MFD map display. Your chosen orientation settings should now be Read More