April 2023 Disney Tsum Tsum Event And New Characters `Twisted WonderLand`

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From April 1st two new voiced Tsumu from Disney’s Twisted Wonderland will make an appearance in-game.

Jade Leach and Floyd Leach plus a new Tsumu from The Little Mermaid – Vanessa.

Also, the new event begins on the second of April, “Let’s make Tsum Tsum Bento!” where players complete the mission to add side dishes for Tsum Tsum’s Bento. 

April 2023 New Tsumu

The three new Tsumu for April are:

  • Jade Leach
  • Floyd Leach
  • Vanessa
Appearance Period: April 1, 2023 ~ April 30, 2023
※April 1, 2023  ~ April 4, 2023 Increased chance to receive in a box.

Let’s take a look at each.

Jade Leach (Voiced)

Jade Leach Portrait

 Deputy Dormitory Director of Octavinell’s dormitory, Floyd is his twin brother

Skill: You’ll get a high-scoring jade, and if you connect it, it will erase the tums around you.

Jade Leach Skills

Floyd Leach (Voiced)

Floyd Leach Portrait

A second-year student in Octavinelle’s dormitory,

Twin brother of Jade.

Skill: Erase a vertical line and the Tsumu at the bottom of the screen.

Floyd Leach Skill


Vanessa Portrait

Ursula transformed into a human.

Skill: A giant Ursula appears and erases the Tsumu around it.

Vanessa Skill

New Event - "Let's Make Tsumu's Bento"

april2023 event banner

【Event Period】April 2, 2023 (Sun) 11:00 ~ April 30, 2023 (Sun) 23:59 (JST)

The April 2023 event begins on Sunday April 2nd. The object is to complete the missions and make side dishes for the Tsumu bento.

There are two mission types – “Material Gathering Mission” and “Keyword Mission”.

This month’s new Tsumu, Jade Reach, Floyd Reach, and Vanessa will give you character bonuses to help you progress through missions.

Good Luck.

April Tsum